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Launched: 28th November, 2017


Paperback, eBook

194 pages

£12.99 / $18.99 

Grow Through Disruption

Book Description                                                                                                   Business   Non-fiction

In today’s market, where speed and performance are critical to success, CEOs and executives face an unprecedented number of challenges to continue differentiating themselves from competitors. At the same time, current methods of understanding and assessing an organization’s true ability to grow through innovation and transformation are outdated.

In Grow Through Disruption: Breakthrough Mindsets to Innovate, Change and Win with the O.G.I. Dr. Brett Richards, PhD, a seasoned practitioner and researcher with over 20 years of experience in the area of individual and organizational effectiveness, offers a new, comprehensive system for 21st century companies to measure growth and adapt to the changing business landscape.

Some of the most important data to an organization’s success is invisible and intangible, making it very difficult for leaders to make decisions based on what is really happening. In response, Dr. Richards developed the Organizational Growth Indicator (O.G.I.), a system of quantifable metrics to shed light on these previously hidden factors.

The OGI® enables leaders to make even more intelligent strategic decisions and, ultimately, strengthen their businesses by codifying:

• 4 Principal Mindsets that uncover previously hidden people and culture dynamics,

• The Transformation Wheel®, consisting of 8 Orientations that both support and constrain an organization’s ability to grow through disruption, and

• The organization’s capacity to achieve growth through innovation and adaptive change.

Harnessing decades of experience and system development, Grow Through Disruption is an essential read for heads of global corporations to leaders of small and midsize businesses to develop more vibrant, fulflling and lasting organizations.

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