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Launched: 10th Feb, 2022

£9.99 / £3.99


Men I Dated - So You Don't Have To

Book Description                                                                                                Real Life   Biography   Non Fiction

Verity Ellis is a twenty-something millennial who thinks the best way to learn about life is through dating. Unbridled in her pursuit of love, she dives head first into the dating pool, where she discovers everything is a little more complex than she thought it would be. Verity encounters a vast array of men who teach her to navigate the treacherous and mystifying journey of life and the language of love. With her sassy best friend, Lily, Verity's twenties are a fun-filled adventure of hotels, hotspots and spontaneous trips around the world. 


Heartbreaking and hilarious, Men I Dated So You Don't Have To is a sharp, sexy and at times, sinister tale which champions friendship and female survival in the modern age.

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