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Launched: 28th June, 2016


Paperback, eBook

622 pages

£14.99 / $21.99

Peanuts and Eggcups

Book Description                                                                                                Romance   Women   Fiction

For Maggie Parsons there’s only ever been one man: the stunningly delicious Luke Henderson. Unfortunately, he left her, without explanation, after their ‘first night’ together …breaking her heart in the process.

Now ten years on, without any contact, he’s back and going to her school reunion. Great! And, to confuse matters…so is his suave, sexy, brother Tony who makes a major play for Maggie, then turns up with his insufferable – supposedly ex – fiancée!

Via the reunion, a black eye, getting the sack (as a result) a madcap girlie holiday and juggling her confused emotions around the two alluring brothers… Maggie starts to build a picture of what she really wants in life.

Trouble is, Maggie’s a pawn in a game she doesn’t even know she’s playing …and things are about to get a whole lot more complicated.

"A book full of every emotion, thoroughly enjoyable, don’t read in public if snorting with laughter may be a problem!" - Ali the Dragon Slayer

"Friendship, love, tears and a girlie holiday, this book has it all. A romantic, fun and entertaining chick lit, which encompasses the perfect recipe for a fabulous summer read." - Lazy Sunday Book Reviews

"Peanuts & Eggcups is an absolutely delightful read and, despite its mammoth size, I didn't want it to finish!" - The Book Magnet

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