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Coming: September 2022

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The Decision (Caxton Thriller Book 3)

Book Description                                                                                        Thriller    Fiction

‘The Decision’ is the third volume in the Ian Caxton Thriller series.


A worrying letter from a dead colleague, a Gainsborough painting downgraded by the experts, a new partnership opportunity, an unexpected statement from his boss and his wife’s announcement of her new ambitions. These are just some of the new challenges we see Ian Caxton having to grapple with this time. What will Ian choose to do? What will the consequences be? Will he make the huge life-changing decision? 


In Antigua, Oscar joins up with a new business colleague, but soon discovers a world of fraud, deception and murder. Penny experiences unforeseen changes to her life and Viktor is informed of an amazing surprise.


Another page-turning tale of adventure, intrigue, greed and risk, where millions of pounds routinely change hands. Welcome to the exciting and mysterious happenings that continue to occur in the art world! 


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The Opportunity - Book 1

Ian Caxton is a senior manager at Sotheby's. After successful career moves to Sotheby's branches in New York and Hong Kong, Ian is now based in London and earmarked for the top position.  However, following a chance meeting with Andrei, a very rich Russian art dealer based in Monaco, Ian suddenly reassesses all his plans and ambitions. Even his marriage is under threat. The Opportunity charts the tumultuous life and career of Ian Caxton as he navigates the underbelly of the art world, one of serious wealth, heart-stopping adventure and a dark side. The big question is, will Ian take The Opportunity? And if he does, what will the consequences be, not only for him, but also for his wife and colleagues?

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The Challenge - Book 2

The art world is full of pitfalls, mysteries and risk. It is a place where paintings can be bought and sold for millions of pounds. Fortunes can be made... and lost. For those whose ambition is to accumulate wealth beyond their wildest dreams, expert knowledge, confidence, bravery and deep pockets are certainly needed. Ian Caxton is being tested by fake paintings, a financial gamble on the artwork of a black slave, his wife's life-changing news and a series of mysterious emails that suggest he's being watched. More dramatic events, mental conflicts and soul searching decisions. How will Ian cope with all these extra demands? This is the big question, that is The Challenge.

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