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Launched: 2nd June, 2016


Paperback, eBook

236 pages

£8.99 / $9.38

20/20 You

Book Description                                                                                              Self Help   Inspirational   Non Fiction

20/20 YOU reveals the hidden truths behind the veil of personal illusion by focusing on the origins of mental wealth. Within these pages Rico guides our journey to personal freedom via his own story that led to his own internal enlightenment. 20/20 YOU is a vision of true inner mastery guided by such teachings of the natural laws of the Universe. This panoramic offering opens our true Dharma eye (third eye) which is the perfect vision to our own success through the primordial window known as prosperity consciousness. In 20/20 YOU author, speaker and metaphysician Rico Griffiths-Taitte playfully shares the foundation in achieving excellence to liberate an arrested state of mind. Rico teaches us how to learn more about ourselves through ancient wisdom. Once we adopt the ancient behavioural patterns necessary to achieve conscious liberation we will see that the new looking within. "Rico offers us an intelligent look at connecting with ourselves in a deeper way. If you are curious to learn about connecting with your true essence, read these words of encouraging insight."

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