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Launched: 3rd May, 2016


Paperback, eBook

352 pages

£10.99 / $14.99

Hadrian's Rage

Book Description                                                                                              Dystopia   Gay and Lesbian   Fiction

What if accepting yourself meant being rejected by everyone you knew? In the twenty-second century, the country of Hadrian struggles to be an example to the world while continuing its isolationist policy. It is a country where being homosexual is the norm and preferred sexual orientation, while heterosexuals are blamed for overpopulating the earth and destroying the environment. But despite genetic engineering of the population by Hadrian's scientists, there are still those who struggle with heterosexual feelings and when they act upon them, they are severely punished. Todd Middleton was one who broke Hadrian's law-and his best friend and lover Frank Hunter murdered him rather than see him experience further violent sexual reeducation attempts. Now Frank is sentenced to a lifetime of military service for his actions. Meanwhile, more heterosexuals are trying to stand up for themselves amid rage and intolerance. Straight men and women face discrimination, loss of jobs and livelihood, abandonment by friends, and even rape and murder at the hands of ignorant homosexual fanatics. But a small group of activists band together to combat the rage and hate that surrounds them. When they are joined by Hadrian's last surviving founder, and the star of a major national news program, things begin to fall apart for Hadrian's conservatives. But will those promoting the heterosexual agenda go too far, reversing what Hadrian has accomplished and causing it to break apart and descend into madness like the rest of the planet? Hadrian's Rage, a sequel to Hadrian's Lover, offers shocking surprises and answers that will make you rethink everything you thought was or should be normal. 

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