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P.A. Ross

Launched: 10th January, 2017


Paperback, eBook

374 pages


How to Profit from Your Divorce

Book Description                                                                                                  Self Help   Non Fiction

In How to Profit from your Divorce, P.A. Ross ‘thinks differently’ by marrying his first-hand knowledge of divorce with twenty-five years working in corporate life to create a simple, and enlightening, Ten Point Step-by-Step Plan which he hopes will help all those affected by divorce. Divided into easy to follow stages Ross covers: The Solution -finding the one that is best for you and your own situation from divorce research, planning and lawyer due diligence, finding free cash to pay the high legal bills and most importantly putting your family and children first. By following his own plan Ross saved 50% in legal costs vs. the UK average cost of divorce, which is £44,000. Next up, The Need for Change, the world is a fast changing place, family lawyers and the system must change too. Inspiration and Resilience, here Ross shares his own deeply personal experiences and ‘can do attitude’ of how to overcome the emotional and stressful rollercoaster of divorce before continuing with the uplifting section of, The Next 10 Years, or as he refers to it, ‘Sweating the Marital Assets’. In this section he covers how to make your retained finances work hard for you and offers reassurance, through personal and humorous stories of his travels, that there’s a new life and world of opportunity after the Big D. Finally, Ross explores the implications of the newly coined ‘Brexit Divorce’ and provides strategies and plans on how to best manage your own divorce during the uncertain times ahead.

Accessible, erudite and deeply emotional How to Profit from your Divorce is indispensable to anyone affected by or thinking of divorce. 

"Game-changer!' That’s the term I give to Paul Ross’ book. Paul’s book is detailed, easy to read, and a fabulous guide. After reading his book, I believe you will agree that whatever negative you see (or saw) in your divorce, you can change into a positive: emotionally, financially, and spiritually. And, it’s NEVER too late to profit.”


Pamela Elaine Nichols – Divorcee and Coach

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