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Launched: 13th April, 2015

Paperback, eBook

288 pages

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£8.99 / $10.99

A Clean Pair of Hands

Book Description                                                                                                Literary     Fiction

Huh! he thought; if a woman with a pepper spray could see off two hired kidnappers, it would be too dangerous to attempt to dispose of her cleanly. He would keep that idea in abeyance. "I am a bastard," he whispered under his breath. His thoughts moved on. 


A French family man appears to have everything he could want and enjoys life from a luxurious home on the outskirts of Paris, but he seeks ever stronger sensations and with encouragement from some friends with loose morals, embarks on a life of unbridled pleasure seeking, some of which must remain secret.


The climax reveals the cost of a game in which participants were supposed to be adult, compliant and happy. The story is seen through the eyes of the main protagonists who comment on personal and political events with the conflicts and discrepancies of human interpretation.


'Dialogue that bounces between characters like real-life conversation pulls readers into the heart of the action in this allegorical historical novel.'


Oscar is a bi-lingual Francophile, happily married to a French wife, and they share their lives and interests between the UK and France.


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