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Chantelle's New Tooth



Launched: Nov., 2015

Paperback, eBook

26 pages

Book Description                                                                                                Illustrated   Children's   Fiction

This book is part of a character series aimed at 5-7 year olds and is based around a lovable fun 6 year old called "Chantelle" This book supports positive personal development and has a catchy educational storyline, which will get any young reader practicing patience. No-one likes to have a missing tooth. "Patience, patience, all you need is patience" Chantelle's mother advises, as Chantelle eagerly awaits her new tooth. Horrified by the gap, Chantelle will not go out to play, will not eat; Chantelle counts all her teeth and plays with the gap. Will it be here tomorrow mummy? A missing tooth! When will it come back? "Patience, patience, all you need is patience" After admiring granddad, for the time he has spent waiting for his new "teeth's" and disguising her gap with tissue. Chantelle decides to wait for her new tooth and soon learns the power of patience.

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