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Launched: 11th Feb, 2015


Paperback, eBook

342 pages

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£8.99 / 

The Wooden Walls

of Thermopylae (Book 2)

Book Description                                                                                                Historical Fiction   Sword & Sandal

The Athenians have won their battle at Marathon. Now they await the Great King's revenge as he works to assemble a massive army unlike any the world has ever seen. In Athens, a city seething with treachery and intrigue, Mandrocles and his friends live, love and observe-bystanders among politicians and factions fighting for power as the ultimate conflict draws near. The Wooden Walls follows Mandrocles and the greatest figures of ancient Greece as they come to terms with their threatened civilization and the date with destiny at Thermopylae. The fast-paced and meticulously researched sequel to Luck Bringer. "Fascinating and entertaining, makes the reader feel present at the events together with Mandrocles the Luck Bringer". Antonis Mistriotis, author of 507-450 B.C. The Years that Gave Birth to Democracy.


The Dead Travel Fast

£6.99 / £1.89 (e) / $9.99


Launched: 30th May, 2014

Paperback, eBook

254 pages

Book Description      

Fiction   Supernaturall

When archaeologist Steve Watkins fled to the Greek island of Samos to escape the horror he had unearthed at Skendleby, he'd hoped to have found refuge. But the ancient terror that had spawned at Skendleby was waiting for him. Across the island an enigmatic and haunted detective, Theodrakis, is baffled by a series of brutal ritual killings infecting the island like a plague and spreading violent anarchy. Now the fates of these two men will be drawn together; against a backdrop of mayhem, fire and violence they begin to uncover the horrifying cosmic significance of this most ancient evil.

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