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Launched: 2nd August, 2016


Paperback, eBook

170 pages

£8.99 / $12.99

The Best You

Book Description                                                                                                   Self-help   Non Fiction

Optimistic new life guide prompts us to question our beliefs, tap into our imagination and reconnect with our unconscious in order to unlock our full potential. We have only 15% control over our lives; the other 85% comes from our DNA (the colour of our hair or our eyes, for instance) or our innate spiritual make up. All religions and philosophies share a basic tenet of understanding that there is one creator or source - whether we call this creative force God, Nature, the Universe, Consciousness, Vibration, the Matrix, the Field - from where all life and knowledge flows. Human beings have the most powerful brains among all living things; we have the ability to create our own reality. In other words we are co-creators. Mohammed Haroon draws upon the wisdom of age and experience - along with his passionately held belief that the greatest sense of satisfaction in life comes from helping others - to craft this uniquely enriching self-help book, designed with one simple intention: to enable the reader to become the best version of themselves possible and to realise their dreams as a result.

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