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Launched: 14th July, 2014


Paperback, eBook

74 pages

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£5.99 / $7.99

Angels Come in Strange Disguises

Book Description                                                                                                Spiritual   Faith   Supernatural

Angels Come in Strange Disguises is a delightful and charming collection of stories for those who love angel stories, and are inspired to connect with a more spiritual realm. Even more cynical readers will find enjoyment in Thompson’s moving accounts, some lighthearted and amusing, others more dramatic and poignant—but all unforgettable. 


Mavis Thompson was born in 1938 in India. She relocated in the 1960’s to Bolney, West Sussex where she worked as a personnel manager for an insurance agency. She was married for over thirty years to her first husband, with whom she had three children. She and her current husband, Michael, still live in West Sussex by the sea

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