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Launched: 25th Jan. 2022

£9.99 / £3.99



Book Description                                                                                        Historical    Biography  Fiction

A watchful Northumbrian family, devoted to duty in the lighthouse on the treacherous Farne Islands.


A vicious North Sea storm, during which a consummate ship's captain makes a fatal error of navigation.


A daring rescue of shipwreck survivors, spurring an unwanted rise to celebrity status.


A country in the throes of industrial and social upheaval, while much of today's world takes shape.


Welcome to the timeless whole life story of Britain's sea rescue heroine, GRACE DARLING.


Set in Victorian Northumberland, with its astounding castles and coastline, this new dramatisation is a fast-moving tale of triumph and tragedy, ordinary people in extraordinary situations, and the birth of an enduring legacy.


But who is the mysterious narrator, commenting to readers as the story unfolds?

Book 2 Coming 2023

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