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7th June 2022

£9.99 / £3.99


I Saw What He Did

Book Description                                                                                        Thriller    Book Club  Fiction

Two great friends. Wanderlust parents. A problematic sister. Ren Shephard is at a comfortable crossroads. Enjoying the temporary freedom of her recent redundancy, her life revolves around her cherished friendships, sporadic communication with her unconventional parents and occasionally bailing her errant sister out of trouble. However, when she signs up for an online writing course, she meets a group of people who will impact her in unimaginable, unexpected and tragic ways.

When a gruesome murder takes place during one of the lessons, Ren becomes embroiled in a dangerous and terrifying sequence of events. With the police stonewalling and Ren overtaken by a desperate urge to find the truth - and justice for the victim - she uncovers some shocking and mystifying evidence that sends her world spiralling out of control, whilst simultaneously placing her life in jeopardy.

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