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Launched: 24th Feb., 2015


Paperback, eBook

374 pages

£8.99 / $9.99

Far Away Hills

Book Description                                                                                                   Biography   Literary Fiction

In the waning age of the nineteenth century, Sal McBride has been separate from her pioneering husband for years. But the time has finally come for her to escape the poverty stricken hovels of Glasgow and rejoin her lover in the vast wilderness of the Canadian prairies. The physical and emotional journey will be a tortuous one. Strong and determined, yet fully alone on the brink of her greatest task ever attempted, Sal will come face to face with the ultimate cruelties of life as her quest exacts its harsh and thankless tolls. Based on the author's own ancestral history, Far Away Hills traces the ups and downs of a young, fragile family struggling to make their way through an unforgiving world. Though the pioneer story has long been thought to be the province of men, Jean Debney's tale of courage, grit, and resolve will prove once again that history's women are far more complex and powerful than records have ever shown.

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