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Launched: 6th Oct., 2015


Paperback, eBook

524 pages

£10.99 / $15.99

Sphere's Divide: Pilgrim of Element

Book Description                                                                                                Real Life   Biography   Non Fiction

Sphere's Divide is a dark, matured and thrilling romance told in the narrative of a physical and emotional journey designed to push the boundaries of love and morals.
When Leo Raiden discovers the secluded site of a skyship crash on the outskirts of his island he finds a seemingly, single survivor. A new and devastating global disaster threatens Sphere. Raiden, the enigmatic Val and a Caster named Zahied are set upon a mission to a distant land, seeking only information of ancient human knowledge and technologies to protect Sphere from the threat that sits outside its atmosphere.
High Elementalist Acarlie of Eloma, a young girl skilled in the art of manipulating the Element of Wind has finally finished her training and is ready to set off on her dangerous pilgrimage. To visit each elemental stadium and fight in thrilling battles in front of thousands in order to master all the elements and become the Elemental Lord. With her on her sacred journey are her Sacred Guides, Tigian Sheeria and Human Miles, a charismatic mercenary paid to protect her.
Together, these two parties discover their goals lie at the same destination and will pave the way for the most important story in Sphere's history.
Combining mild science fiction, unconventional fantasy, romance and adventure, Pilgrim of Element is the first chapter to tell a unique story in a new world where humans are no longer a lonely race, but share their world with intelligent, evolved creatures descendant of mammals we know today.

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