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Launched: 2nd Feb., 2016


Paperback, eBook

178 pages

£8.99 / £5.99(e) / $13.99

Love Mondays: Liberated at Work

Book Description                                                                                                Business   Self Help   Non Fiction

Learn how to love Monday mornings again and transform your value in the workplace - or the potency of the team you manage - with this insightful and uplifting guide to harnessing the power of the individual, by veteran entrepreneur and established business consultant. Love Mondays is the encapsulation of Raath’s years of experience in training individuals, teams and companies, promoting his belief that a business is only ever as successful as the individuals working within it. Raath focuses on the drastic impact that a single person can have on a company if properly supported and enhanced by a culture that values them. It is only within this environment that they can discover their own abilities and, with an entrepreneurial drive, become fully engaged in bringing their skill, passion and creativity to the business.

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