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Launched: 4th March, 2015


Paperback, eBook

240 pages

£7.99 / $9.99

Dream Cottage

Book Description                                                                                               Fiction   Supernatural

Newly married Greta Berkley's dream is to return to live on her beloved Isle of Wight, her birthplace. During a weekend visit to her parents' house on the Island, Greta and husband Max, discover a remote, rundown cottage. Having tracked down its owner, Rev. Oliphant, who agrees to show them around, Greta falls in love with the place. She persuades Max it's their dream home. The Reverend agrees a price and the sale is arranged. Greenacres is in need of complete refurbishment. During the renovations, Greta accidentally falls through a hole in kitchen floor, which she assumes to be an old well. It harbours a passageway and an underground room where Greta finds an old wooden box. She also discovers that Greenacres has an unwelcome occupant of the spiritual world. With the help of struggling celebrity medium, Nonie Spangler, Greta tries desperately to protect her home and combat the supernatural happenings. Set against the Isle of Wight's rolling, breath-taking countryside, Dream Cottage charts the dissolution of a dream into a nightmare, as Greta Berkley battles with the unknown, with startling consequences.


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