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27th March, 2017

Paperback, eBook

254 pages

£8.99 / $11.99

Predator or Prince

Book Description                                                                                                  Health   Non Fiction

Predator or Prince: How to Find the Man of Your Dreams, Not Your Nightmares
How do you identify the warning signs of dangerous and controlling behaviours before you become romantically involved?

Dilys Sillah works as a life coach, helping women from all walks of life to improve their self-confidence and self-worth. All too often, she finds that the women who turn to her for support share the same deep-rooted problems and many become trapped in emotionally damaging relationships.

When she tried to help a young girl who was being blamed for having been raped, rather than being treated as a victim of crime, Dilys knew she had to act. She founded a charity - Who Will Hear My Cry - that has since supported hundreds of women and young families who have suffered emotional, sexual or physical abuse.

Predator or Prince: How to Find the Man of Your Dreams, Not Your Nightmares aims to continue her work, by challenging, changing and emboldening women, allowing them to build up their sense of identity and self-esteem to avoid forging unhealthy relationships, creating rich and happy lives for themselves and their families. Real women share their stories of abuse and Dilys advises how to recognise the red flags in new relationships so that other women can avoid the pitfalls of emotional bullying, domestic violence, sexual abuse and worse.

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