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7th February, 2017


Paperback, eBook

550 pages

£13.99 / $18.99

Sphere's Divide: Tragedies of Emotion

Book Description                                                                                                   Science-Fiction

After the dramatic collision of events that tore apart friends and lovers Arcalie and Val in second novel of the Sphere’s Divide series, we return to find another city has fallen and society has once again been plunged into turmoil. Arcalie, growing in power, is struggling to remain in control of her influence over the elements and is stretched to the limit as she continues to compete in the Elemental League tournaments with one aim: to become the Element Leader. Val, having being rescued from his recent imprisonment, is the only one who can keep her grounded; the build up of energy locked within her can only lead to ruination. So when Lord Zane — reigning Elemental Lord and Arcalie’s immortal adversary — orders the death penalty to be introduced to the games, it is up to Val and their friends to save the Elementists. As events spiral out of their control, Arcalie unwittingly sets down a dark and dangerous path that may yet lead to her own destruction and that of everyone and everything she has fought so hard to protect. 

A gripping blend of science-fiction, steam and cyber punk, Sphere’s Divide III: Tragedies of Emotion is the third instalment of J C Norman’s fantastical series.

"This is a gripping novel and there is more to follow so I will definitely be watching out for part four now, although I do hope to get chance to read the first two before then.

"This is a truly magnificent story of heart breaking betrayals, heroes that are willing to give their lives and battles that can not be matched to any others.” - Books From Dusk till Dawn

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