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Andy Ballard

Launched: 30 Jan, 2018


Paperback, eBook

226 pages

£8.99 / £3.99

Seeing It Through

Book Description                                                                                                Real Life   Biography   Non Fiction

Andy Ballard comes from quite a humble background; being a working class boy from a council estate at a middle class grammar school left its marks. A career teacher with nearly twenty-five years in state education, he forged a second very successful career as a local, regional, and national officer of his trade union. His story includes how his work at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers would secure the future of ATL and lay the foundations for the formation of “The Education Union”.

Ballard describes the interplay between his private and professional lives, and bares his soul when the pressures of a lifetime of commitment brings his story to an unexpected conclusion. 

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