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Launched: 1st March, 2015


Paperback, eBook

304 pages

£9.99 / $14.99

Defend Your License

Book Description                                                                                                Reference   Law   Non Fiction

Since founding her business in Road Traffic Defence, experienced lawyer Andrea Clegg has been inundated by clients asking questions about motoring law. Andrea quickly realised how little reliable knowledge and information motorists have available to them about the laws of the road, with many making decisions about whether to accept affixed penalty ticket or a summons based on misconceptions. Defend Your Licence is a practical and helpful guide to motorists, combining accurate law with a clear guide on how to deal with driving related issues should they choose to represent themselves against motoring offence charges. There are many prosecutions which are unjustified and merely accepted by motorists. The system is now prosecuted by the police who in some areas offer advice to the defendant, thus playing the role of prosecutor and defender. Motorists are often poorly guided and represented. As the roads get busier and more regulations are brought in and enforced, the motorist will suffer if they do not improve their legal knowledge. By reading Defend Your Licence motorists everywhere will be better equipped and protected.

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