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Launched: 7th June 2022

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£23.99 / £3.99

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Rise of the Bartender

Book Description                                                                                        Drinks & Food    History  Non-Fiction

A contemporary approach to the traditional world of classic cocktails by award-winning and globally renowned bartender Adam Jamie Hussein.

Celebrated mixologist Adam Jamie Hussein shares the origin stories and recipes for over 200 mixed drinks of eclectic heritage, featuring beloved greats like the Martini and lesser-known favourites like the Fish House Punch.

Designed as a guide to cocktail history and education, Hussein debunks myths and rumours to chart the evolution of cocktail making, revealing how the drinks we love today have been refined over time. 


Legendary cocktails have notorious beginnings. Hussein hopes that Rise Of The Bartender will spark conversation and new drinking discoveries for like-minded libertines.

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